The buyer’s agent/property search agent/ property finder works only for the buyer and has to be independent of any real estate agent. It is an emerging fast growing profession. His tasks are to get the best conditions for the buyer, to advise where to find the property matching client’s lifestyle, budget and requirements in terms of property type and special specifications such as high ceilings etc.


He will carry out the legwork, secure the deal, negotiate the best price, source the best properties and save useless journeys for his international client.


To fulfill these objectives, the buyer’s agent/property search agent/ property finder must have achieved numerous sales, deep knowledge of the market and have an extended network of various stakeholders. His finding fee is usually between 2 and 5 % on the selling price. After having fair understanding of his client’s needs, he has to be flexible and prior committing to the search take reasonable precaution that there is a high chance to find the right property.


Because he has to be dedicated to his client and spend a lot of time investigating the market, inspecting properties, liaise with the seller and his agent, the managing company in charge of the building, detect the pitfalls, he must hold a search mandate with the sole property finding rights usually over 3 months.


He has to hold a license from the government ‘carte professionnelle’, hold a liability insurance and belong to a professional body.

Paris Passion Property KNOW-HOW

PAris PAssion properTY is an experienced property finding company, fully licensed and registered in France, in the real estate industry since 1999 and in the niche area of property finding services since April 2006. PAPATY Paris has already achieved numerous purchases on behalf of their clients.

PAPATY Paris works for international buyers and find properties from the pad to the exclusive prime property. PAPATY Paris has an extensive network of bilingual trusted partners to provide you an excellent level of services ranging from finance, inheritance matters, interior design to concierge service and more.

PAPATY Paris can also advise you for your buy-to-let investments. Paris and the French Riviera are a safe destination for your savings, you can even get a mortgage at low rate, and still offers a gain at resale.

PAPATY Paris knows very well most of the Paris neighbourhoods / French Riviera and where to find the kind of property you are after. Even Parisians want them to be their property finders!

Therefore, whether you have a property project in Paris / French Riviera, you have knocked at the right door! PAPATY Paris make it happen, rely on them, PAPATY Paris manages the whole process.



How many times have you bought a property in your life? in France? in Paris / French Riviera? When was it? Do you understand the subtilities of the French language? etc.

PAPATY Paris has completed hundreds of sales/purchases and has come across many situations. In every sale there is a seller who wants a price (and sometimes a buyer (s)he likes), and there is a buyer who wants a home or / and a sound investment. In every sale there are particularities and often pitfalls. Also, very often the 'beginner' will refrain from buying

because (s)he is not sure.

Well with PAPATY Paris on your side,

you do not have that kind of worries.

PAPATY Paris makes sure that you get the best price, and negotiates if not, and moreover PAPATY Paris secures the transaction, closes the deal (in France at a very early stage you can get the seller bound to you).

PAPATY Paris also gets you off-market properties. Stakeholders regularly offer them properties as they know that they have qualified buyers in their books.


Click on the link above and fill in our form with your basic requirements. From this stage we will refine the search little by little and help you to picture your future property unless you already know how's the market like. We are flexible, responsive and are ready to beat your expectations.



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